Web analytics – essential for your business

Web analytics is bigger than ever as it gives businesses important insights into online behaviour. Armed with this information on your target audience you can build your digital strategy more accurately and ultimately add to your bottom line.

Here are a few developments to watch out for on your web analytics journey.

Beyond the single visit

Most buyers visit sites more than once before acting. Web analytics will catch up with that behaviour and will start to provide data on how buy behaviour changes over time as they learn more about your business.

Mobile everywhere

As mobile usage increases so will the need to capture mobile data.

Improved tracking

Better analytic tools will help business understand how visitors interact and respond via video and various forms of physical interaction like swipes and pinches to zoom. These will be tracked more easily.

Third-party integration

More applications will allow data integration with web analytics where data from other business applications can be tweaked with the information gathered providing a more efficient company-wide approach.

Data sharing

Once gathered the data will be more easily exported and shared.

Multiple domain scope

Businesses with more than one domain will be able to gather information across these sites more easily.

All in all the business of web analytics is moving quickly to answer the needs of business for greater access and visibility on how their prospects and customers are interacting with them online. This will lead to a better integration of core business processes with the company’s digital presence.

Web Analytics is an inportant part of your digital marketing strategy and is particularly important for pay per click services such as Adwords.

Fatpublisher provides Adwords management services to our clients. If you are interested in finding out about web analytics and/or our Adwords management services, please contact us.


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