Ephemeral to effective – new Facebook bookmarking

Is your business using Facebook as part of your marketing mix? Great! As the online economy continues to mature its functionality is merging somewhat in subtle but important ways. Take the recent announcement by Facebook that means users can now save items for viewing later.

What does this mean for your business?

Consider what it means for your business if your Facebook items can be saved and reviewed at a more convenient time by your community.

Facebook is fast-paced. Ok, not as ephemeral as Instagram and Snapchat but Facebook items appear they are pushed down the list as they are superseded with more well… stuff! That means most users, to date, have either engaged there and then or within the day. It’s highly unlikely with the sheer volume of items coming through everyone’s pages, that people would find the time to scroll way down to find an item to return to when they have time.

Like it or not we are all becoming more fickle and impulsive in our information processing habits.

Now image that your community can readily save items you post for viewing later. This means you could be more expansive in the content you post. In fact, Facebook’s role in business marketing could well alter considerably and become an even more value digital asset for business. There could well be much more cross over with corporate website content that will yield opportunities but will depend on clever content integration strategies to work effectively.

Right now though your posts are probably designed to capture a split second’s worth of attention in the hope that the snippet will be absorbed. By necessity it’s usually short and snappy.

But if you could make the headline and the image captivating but could load more content into the item doesn’t that open up a whole new way to market your business?

We think so!

And we advise that you let your business Facebook community know of this new feature so that they can prepare for the new, more meaningful content you will be sending their way.

How to save items

According to Forbes it’s easy to save from Facebook:

To save an item on Facebook users simply click on the “Save” button in the bottom-right of a post or click the down-arrow icon at the top right of the item and select “Save”.

You can save items that are from a Facebook Page by clicking on the “More” icon and selecting “Save.”

When you save items on Facebook, it will appear in the “Saved” section of the mobile app and the “Saved Items” section on the left-side navigation area of Facebook.com. You will be able to view the saved items by category or click on “All” to see everything that you have saved.

After you are done with the saved item, you can archive or permanently delete it. To archive the item, click the “X” on the top-right corner of the post. To permanently delete it, click the “More” icon and select “Delete.”

The items that were previously saved on your “About” page can now be found in the “Saved Items” folder, which only you can see. This may include your favourite movies, TV shows and books.

Isn’t it time you reviewed your Facebook content strategy to take advantage of this new bookmarking feature?

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