Blogging – the future is bright

Blogging has become an integral part of business communications. It’s come a long way since 1997 when the term weblog was created by Jorn Barger.

Since then the internet has evolved considerably and blogging with it.

In fact business blogging plays a direct part in the effectiveness of a website through inbound links (backlinks).

Here are some trends in blogging that you should be across.

Blog content is king too

Google’s inexorable moves to improve the quality of search engines means that changes to its algorithm will continue to punish those who seek to subvert the system with blatantly self serving ‘black hat’ techniques to gain page ranking. Blogs therefore need to be original and informative.

Image driven

Images attract attention and this helps your business to be noticed on sites like Pinterest which broaden your audience through referred traffic to your site.

Mobile mania

As websites become enabled for viewing on mobile devices, blogs will be conveyed to smaller screens and will require shorter content that is formatted for easy viewing.

Targeted content

As audiences become more sophisticated they will seek out targeted content through microblogging platforms and social networking websites like Tumblr.

Blogs are now an integral part of the digital marketing landscape. Are you fully leveraging the opportunities blogs can provide for your business?

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