Web design drives success at Ethos Corporation

Fat Digital had created the original Ethos corporate website some five years earlier which had served the company well. Over time Ethos determined that a more effective way to offer value-add to its customers was to improve the quality of the candidates who applied online.

Ethos sat down with Fat Digital to discuss their requirements. After an extensive research and design phase, Fat Digital devised a comprehensive and integrated solution which included the replacement of Ethos’s existing “brochure site” with a functional and useful website with job listing search that was focused on engaging the right candidates for each role.

Ethos Case Study LogoAccording to Adam Forster, Executive Director, Ethos Corporation Pty Ltd, “We were very happy with the website Fat Digital built for us five years ago. It was a good visual representation of who we were and our value proposition. However, we found there was a very high bounce rate.

“People came in, stayed briefly and left – there was no interaction. We decided we needed a more commercially-compelling website with a clear call to action that was more obvious to candidates and made it easier for them to apply for jobs,” he said.

As part of the project Fat Digital undertook complex integration work with the company’s third party Staffing Software system, Max Hire. This involved extensive liaison with the Canadian-based vendor to ensure all technical considerations were covered to ensure a smooth integration process.

C470181-ethoswebsitedesignengagementpagespersession“Fat Digital worked directly with the vendor to make it work. It was complicated but it took none of my time. The resulting integration has created a flow with no bottlenecks,” he said.

The project also included a completely new online presence that featured full Twitter integration with a third party news feed interface and a responsive mobile-friendly website. This was underpinned by the easy-to-use CMS system Ethos had used since the first website was launched.


“We have a news feed system that runs and feeds out directly into Twitter. Our aim is to contribute to a community and we are able to do this easily now. The website is the vehicle for that. It’s all integrated.”

C470207-ethoswebsitedesignengagementThe new website was designed with mobile in mind from the outset and with the aim to future-proof it to enable Ethos to achieve maximum ROI.

“We were very happy with the website design that was created for us by Fat Digital and with the development of easy to use CMS in the back end.

“Fat Digital quickly understood our business requirements and created a digital representation of who we are,” Adam Forster said.

The new websites has delivered big increases in visitor engagement including:Results speak volumes

  • 30 per cent increase in average pages/session from 2.8 to 3.7 pages
  • 45 per cent increase in average session duration (average time on site) from 1:41 to 2:05 minutes

Business savvy

“Fat Digital understands how websites work and can speak to me in my language. They are able to build solutions that realised the ideas that I have for our business.”

Adam Forster also outlined that the new website has enabled the company to engage online with more of the right candidates. This has reduced the administration time that they used to spend processing applicants who were not appropriate for roles.

“Fat Digital has helped us to articulate our online offering to the right candidates and we have been able to bring those people to the right place,” he said.

“Our online presence now has real time currency. The CMS is extremely easy to use, yet scalable. Fat Digital created something that has the future in mind and can be developed as technology evolves.

“We are very happy with the result,” Adam Forster said.

Fat Digital provides a range of web design solutions to our clients. If you are interested in finding out about our web design services, please contact us.

View the Ethos Corporation website here ethoscorporation.com.au

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