Use Twitter Cards to drive traffic to your site

The Twitter realm is a busy place. It can be hard to stand out in a vast ocean of text online, especially given each Tweet is so short.

As a copy-driven social media platform, it can be a challenge for businesses to grab the attention of their target markets via Twitter.

A great way to be noticed is to use Twitter Cards that allow you to add a graphic dimension to your Twitter content. The addition of visual content makes your business feeds much more compelling and can thereby help drive traffic to your website.

There are several types of cards, according to Twitter:

Summary Card – Default Card, including a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.

Your business can use this to advantage by customising the content description in the summary. You can add anything you like without the ugly default text that usually comes with a link.

Summary Card with Large Image – Similar to a Summary Card, but with a prominent featured image.

To be used when you want to grab the attention of your stakeholders by using a larger image (minimum 280 x 150 pixels). This image-driven card allows you less text space so use it when you want visual impact.

Photo Card – A Card with a photo only. This card allows you to embed a single image into a tweet. This Card helps your post standout as your stakeholders browse their daily newsfeeds. It is easy to install and requires only several lines of code.

Gallery Card – A Card highlighting a collection of four photos. Your business can add up to four photos in a tweet. This Card is perfect for featuring a product range.

App Card – A Card to detail a mobile app with direct download. This Card was designed mainly for mobile developers.

Player Card – A Card to provide video/audio/media. This helps you drive traffic to your video or audio online assets.

Product Card – A Card for product information. You can feature an image of your product combined with product information. This is a great way to inform and drive traffic to your site in order to increase sales.

Visually compelling

By adding images or videos, you are increasing the probability that your stakeholders will click on and re-tweet posts from your business.

Perhaps the most useful type of card is the Product card as it allows business to share product information in an interesting visually way via tweets.

Installation tips

To start using the cards you need to embed some code onto your website and validate it through the Twitter Developer site accessible from this link.

You need to login to Twitter, then submit the required information which will go through an approval process. The time this takes depends on the card selected.

Twitter Cards are a great promotional tool for business. They bring Twitter feeds to life and boost your company’s visibility thereby increasing engagement.

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