SEO updates your business needs to know

Your business needs to be found online by your target market. You also need to have a user-friendly online presence. These two principles should underpin your online marketing strategy. One way to do that is to keep an eye out on SEO trends while addressing user friendliness through sound web design. Sounds deceptively simple doesn’t it?

Here are some trends in the SEO landscape that may help you with your digital marketing planning.

Content will stay royal

First, content marketing. Content will always be king and your SEO strategy needs reflect that. Some commentators now state that content marketing is interchangeable with SEO. While that’s taking it a bit far, there is no doubt that content is crucially important to your company’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement.

There’s no doubt that today it’s harder to use keywords to rank well as the competition is doing it too. However, you should continue to improve your online content informed by keyword research with a focus on long tail search terms.

If you devise a good content marketing strategy you can build brand awareness and credibility which feeds your social media success which, in turn, feeds your SERP success, reflecting the truly integrated nature of online economy.

In short, apply good SEO principles combined with great content. As a consequence, an SEO expert that understands strategic content is today an important corporate resource.

Social media as influencer

Social media will continue to be a dominant factor in website traffic referrals and the distribution of information. In the face of savage competition online many businesses are increasingly looking to social media as a fast track way to convey their branding messages to users and thereby increase website visitation levels.

Google Authorship rules

Google Authorship refers to the ability to link your Google Plus content with a profile including a headshot which appears next to your company’s website link in Google’s search results.

Google Authorship is becoming more important to business because Google pays attention to Author Ranking.

It could be argued that if you have a low level of authority in the Author rank your business could become less visible online.

As a result, your company would be wise to set up Authorship in anticipation of this outcome.

Be my guest (blogger)

Guest blogging will remain a good way to build your brand and brand credibility, but quality rather than quantity will become more important.

SEO – a black art

With increased competition online combined with Google’s algorithm changes, which reward quality content, it’s becoming harder to crack the SEO puzzle. In response, businesses will need to invest more in content creation and SEO strategies. As a result, outsourced SEO services will become more popular.

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